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Steam BIG discount at Cetetorius and Painted Legend
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Registered User
2019-10-28 23:11:56

Hi! I am a developer of "Cetetorius" and "Painted Legend".
This games available on Steam. For now you can buy this games for $0.49 and $1.49
Both games powered by CopperCube engine.

Cetetorius ($0.49) -

Painted Legend ($1.49) -

Thanks for attention!

2019-10-29 17:35:36

Hey there...

Tried the demo of Cetorius, I am a fan, I am also very impressed with the programming.

I will be happy to make a purchase if you could also provide me with the source code?

I just want to see how you do a few things...for instance, looking down at the feet of the player and the shadows.

Maybe you could write me an article about it so that I can link it on

I want to promote coppercube games and yours is perfect

If you do want to write an article about it, just register with the website and write me a message on the forums. I will get back to you and then we can share contact info

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