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Total noob looking for a free, VISUAL tool for Windows (preferably portable) to edit XML files?
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Registered User
2019-11-08 05:27:50

Hi there!

So I'm trying to automate a process by storing all the data in XML files (currently collecting it manually through Excel sheets), and then developing a Python script to access and manipulate said data.

However, because the people I'll be working with don't have a programming/CS background, I would like to keep the data collection process "visual" for them.

That is, I'd like them to be able to open and edit the XML files with a GUI they can easily understand, adding nodes and values by just clicking here and there, preferably hiding the actual XML code from them so they can't screw things up by editing it.

Is there any specific tool for Windows that you guys recommend? Something as simple as possible, and preferably portable so they don't need to have admin rights to install it.

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