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Endless procedural generated terrain.
Author Text

Registered User
2020-03-14 16:16:47

Hi, the game "PostCollapse" did procedural generated terrain, can anyone provide an example of how this was done. thanks.

2020-03-15 12:56:16

It was not made using CopperCube but done directly in C or was it C++, but anyway not in CC sorry.

This doesn't mean you cant generate some things like buildings and structures etc. Unsure how you would change the landscape with code though...if its even possible..

Maybe you could have a predefined list of landscapes setup and just randomly choose one to activate - or have separate load files with different landscape in each one and just run one of them.

A simpler solution probably would be to have a basic landscape and just move static mesh around to create hills can still walk on 3d meshes but there are a few differences compared to walking on landscapes like angle of ascent changes from memory...

Registered User
2020-03-18 05:45:28

I remember something like that has been done before by @jaimezegpi.... He used arrays and then use them to create a procedural horizontal and vertical generation of terrain...

But unfortunately he had shutdown his website... So the example has been lost for forever... ...

Maybe this was his post regarding the topic.... Luckily he posted the script code here on the forum....
Do have a look at it here. ..@Robo you might find this usefull for your space project...


2020-03-26 06:14:50

cheers 'just_in_case' - I am always looking out for new code I might be able to incorporate into my game.

This bit of code looks nice and can randomly allocate objects around the landscape...might work well for my alien landscapes...:)

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