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I have a question

Registered User
2020-05-30 05:21:33


I am trying to implement the following situation; I have a 3D sound that I want to behave as follows:

- from 0 to 100 m: Full volume
- from 100m to 1000m: reduce the volume (100m = maximum volume, 1000m = 0dB)

I can get to the first point using setMinDistance (), however, how can I set the 1000m limit?

Anna Cook

Registered User
2020-05-31 10:14:14

Using the default model, I think this is not possible.
But you could probably use ESEO_LINEAR_ROLLOFF and set MinDistance to 100 and MaxDistance to 1000.

The volume is interpolated linearly between the MinDistance and MaxDistance, making it possible to adjust sounds more easily although this is not physically correct.

Maybe it works for you.

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