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how to create quick time event in coppercube

Registered User
2020-06-13 01:13:54

suggestion tip: to create qte in coppercube (only pressing the right key type) you have to create a new scene, then creating slow character animation trying to pass, floor and any type of obstacle which you want the character to pass. after doing these things, click in the scene (skybox) and put: ''Every few seconds do something'', put a short interval time (4500 recommended) or a tiny more (depends of your scene) and put the action ''Switch to another scene''. IMPORTANT: create the losing qte scene first. after creating losing qte scene, in the action of switching scene in qte scene, select the losing qte scene. well ... in the starting qte scene put a 2d overlay item with image of input tip key. put the when a key is pressed do something action, then put the key you want which the people playing your game press. create the winning qte scene, then in action of ''when a key is pressed do something in the qte scene, select the winning qte scene. finnaly, *sighs* test your final result. i hope this helping you. (i spend much time writing this)

Registered User
2021-10-21 21:34:25

you can create your own behaviors in CopperCube using JavaScript. They will behave just like the ... 'timeMs' the current time in milliseconds of the scene.

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