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Ingame Graphics Option
Author Text

2020-06-30 12:15:30

Is there a way to create graphics option in the pause menu/main menu ingame?

Registered User
2020-06-30 12:46:40

It depends on what you mean by "graphics option". You can definitely give players the ability to enable / disable bilinear filtering (so textures are sharper, but pixelated - I'll be giving this option with my game), disable post-processing (bloom, colorize, vignette, etc..) and fog.

If you want to let the player disable fog you'd do something like this. Add this code to the scene-root and with a scene which has fog:

Behaviors triggered by events > When a key is pressed do something - select a key. For this case let's select F

Action: Special > Execute JavaScript

and add this code:

var root = ccbGetRootSceneNode();

ccbSetSceneNodeProperty (root, "Fog", false);

2020-06-30 14:27:04

by graphics options,i mean stuff like fog,textures,shadows,water reflections etc..................(atleast some of them)

Registered User
2020-07-01 05:12:23

As I said above, you can disable many things and fog is one of them. Real-time shadows can be disabled, too. For water nodes, you can simply hide them if the user wants to (and it'd be smart to add this since they're very resource-intensive (especially if you have more than 1 - more than that WILL slow down your game!). You could go even further and make static planes which have water textures which have animated textures and give the user an option to use low or high-quality water.

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