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Registered User
2020-07-10 20:08:19

What about a function like startCopperlichtFromMemory.

It is often difficult to start a javascript from the local disk.
But other helper programs (like e.g. Delphi) can. They could load the ccjs file from the file system and send it to copperlicht without a dedicated file server.

2020-07-11 11:07:44

How it is difficult...? And what does Delphi have to do with this?

Registered User
2020-07-11 13:23:16

Some browsers don't allow to start scripts from disk.
Delphi allows it.

For the moment I've programmed an http-Server and succeded to run Coppercube applications in an Edge-Webbrowser-Window from Delphi. But if there was a startCopperlichtFromMemory I wouldn't need a webserver.

...On the other side I see also advantages of a webserver. I can communicate with the WebGL-Application in serving dynamic adapted webpages from Delphi.

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