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Crackers! Breakers!
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Registered User
2021-04-02 06:58:25

Please don't post bugs on the forums if you are encountering them on the Cracked version of coppercube. I have seen a lot of people using cracked versions and posting problems as bug reports on my discord server as well as on the forums.

Those are intentional bugs or you can say security measures to prevent cracking of the tool, You guys will get no response from at least my side on those bugs and I consider them as false bug reporting.

some of the common bugs that are found in cracked versions are as follows.

Playback of videos.

Change of offset of the axis makes it really hard to do level designing (positioning, scaling, rotation of object).

Custom Logo Screen appears glitchy or doesn't scale to the screen ratio.

Keyboard shortcuts don't work and changing of materials makes the object goes completely Invisible.

Normal maps don't react to the light sources.

Auto execution of the actions which are supposed to execute on a keypress or on special events.

Collision doesn't work properly and deleted objects remain in the scene even after deleting them.

strange artifacts appear in the scene camera auto jitters and start falling in the space.

Multiple instances of the games open up and closing one will open another instance until or unless you end the game process completely by either going into task manager.

Text on 2D overlays appears jumbled up.

and 2D overlays become invisible in the editor if dragged.

unable to drag the axis and the axis doesn't light up their offset changes slightly as the game developing process and new objects get added to the scene.

and there are lots of other intentional bugs which are hardcoded into the engine to prevent cracking of the software. They won't appear if you are using the legit and original software.

I am aware of these bugs because I encountered them when trying to modify the app to create custom themes and all.
You can only modify the icons but anything else will result in a stampede of angry "wildebugs".

So if you encounter any of the above bugs in the engine or something like that then FIrst make sure that you are not using a cracked copy of the engine and that you have downloaded the Engine from Official Ambiera's website. or have purchased the License from either BMT Micro's Purchasing page or from the Steam page of official Coppercube.

If you have purchased the license and still encounter any of the above bugs in the engine then you can use Ambiera's contact form to report a bug to the developer with the name you use when you purchased the license for yourself or for your company. Or can just create a new post in the bugs and feature request section with the bug you are encountering if possible please do post screenshot of your splash screen of the editor which says professional or studio edition licensed to "license owner name" , to prevent cracker/breakers from posting misleading bug reports and spamming on the forums.

If you haven't already known that Coppercube prices are being recently updated and it is now easily affordable for Artists and Hobbyists to get the professional or studio license which provides additional features and the engine will not show up the above bugs and many more.

Additionally, you can get an additional 10% Off on every License you Purchase with the GLITCHEDVELO code on the purchasing page of BMT Micro for Coppercube.

Registered User
2021-04-02 08:47:33

This makes it more affordable to get the License at an affordable price and to use the engine bug-free.
It is the right time to get yourself a Professional or Studio License and enjoy the source code for android and windows platform along with the features like
Post Processing Effects, Custom Loading screen, Command-line interface, Video playback, and more.

Additionally, if you want to support me then you can buy from one of the affiliated links below. These Links are legit and are of official coppercube, you will be not going to be scammed.
still, if someone thinks that this is a scam or spam post then you can always go-ahead to the official products purchasing page of CopperCube and purchase the license from there.

anyways here are the affiliated links to Purchase License for CopperCube.

CopperCube Professional Edition

CopperCube Studio Edition

If you are still using the cracked version then please go ahead and purchase the license this will also help in further development of the engine. Stop using the cracked version as coppercube is completely free to use. If you need those professional or studio features that badly then please purchase legit License.

2021-04-02 13:06:55


2021-04-02 13:08:38

I will purchase a new t-shirt rather than this.

Douwe Dabbe
2021-04-06 16:09:44

What ???

Hackers and Crackers want to break into the FREE 6.4
that is :
unlimited scenes and apps
no royalties
no revenue limit
and exports to Windows, Mac, Android and WebGL

probably for educational purposes, anyway if you dont like it have a look at the alternatives, much easyier stuff ....

What is the best alternative to CopperCube?

Registered User
2021-04-06 18:14:33

yeah, Don't know why people use a cracked version of coppercube.

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