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where to learn coppercube full scripting tutorial
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Registered User
2021-07-22 12:13:14

im want to learn but im didnt found a way to learn full coding

Registered User
2021-07-22 15:41:36

Also you can open it from CC editor..
HELP->Open documentation in browser->JavaScript Scripting reference

2021-07-27 01:12:35

try to find as much coppercube js codes as possible.
And learn from these examples how things are done.

Using full text search over your js files.

Think from general applicability to other more specialized utility.

it is not easy.
js is a weird language
and coppercube js is a somewhat backward dialect of modern js

making a game is a sisyphus task to get all the art right.
give it live with characters, animations and FX.
And then you need all this code for more playability and game rules and a narrative. it is endless project.

You have all these big plans and ideas to make something.
Then you are overwhelmed by what is available online.
And progam interfaces like gimp, blender and the rest of it.

good luck

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