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NEOPHYTE updates!!
Author Text

Registered User
2021-08-12 17:59:48

The website has been transferred to a new temporary domain, I am trying to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, you can access the website on the new temporary domain here.

my apologies to all who are having difficulty accessing

The website has more content now, it now has extensions and plugins that are available on Ambiera's CopperCube extensions page. New extensions and behaviors will be added, some more demo files will be added as well.

I am reserving this thread to post all future announcements and updates regarding the website NEOPHYTE

Thanks to all!

Aiming bullets
2021-08-12 18:32:50

Don't want to repeat myself again, already commented my words to a thread here

Registered User
2021-08-13 06:20:48

Thanks @Aiming_bullets for your motivating comment.

I successfully regained access to the old domain name, my domain registrar allowed me to complete payment through debit card. The website has been now moved back to the original domain.

You guys can access the website via the domain

Thanks to all!!

Registered User
2021-08-19 11:26:25

New behavior has been added to the website that allows you to display ing game FPS meter. There are 2 FPS meter behaviors to download.
one is created by me and another one is by @smnmhmdy.

Both behaviors do the same thing they both displays the current framerate on a 2D overlay.

A new shader action is also in its way. Will be added soon the website.

Go and download the FPS meter behaviors.

Registered User
2021-08-20 09:37:53

2 new Actions has been posted to the site that allows your 3d object to look/rotate towards the direction of another object.

hope you guys will find them useful.

go ahead and download them from the website.

Registered User
2021-09-22 13:24:28

The site has been updated frequently with new content, just added a new Coppercube source for a beat'em up the game in the fighting genre. Go ahead and download the source file. Don't forget to check other Assets(resources/extensions) too.

Registered User
2021-10-01 11:20:27

Just added a new section for Code Snippets on the website where you can find some useful Javascript Code Snippets to be used in CopperCube.

Also posted the very first Code Snippets there, to fix the Color issue with Coppercube. The only thing is that this section might only be useful to those who know how to script things. This is not something that might benefit a non-coder as it deals with actual javascript codes.

Hope you guys will find this useful. Go and check out the first Code Snippet.

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