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genre games
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Registered User
2021-09-21 20:51:55

What is your favorite genre of game?

Registered User
2021-09-22 13:27:12

Do you mean in developing or in playing? I like to play open world, RTS, and one VS one fighting games.

in developing I like to clone games that are already in existence, except the racing Genre, I am not into the racing genre.

Registered User
2021-09-22 15:21:02

mody2007 wrote:
What is your favorite genre of game?

RTS games (Age of Empires 2 -i dont like newer AOE games)
RTS games like Men of war
RTS games like Supreme commander
RTS games like Empire Earth
FPS games like Deus Ex
FPS games like Fallout
FPS games like Left 4 dead 2

If i will make game in Coppercube then i try to make similar to Deus Ex Game of year.

Registered User
2021-09-22 21:06:37

Ooh, I really like eve echoes (strategy), I like Satisfactory (open world, factory making), Rico (FPS with local coop) and etc

2021-09-24 19:35:22

Point&Click Adventures (Syberia 1+2/Secret of Monkey Island/Broken Sword 1+2/In Cold Blood/Beneath a Steel Sky/Myst III Exile/Wolf Among Us/Burn:Cycle).

Retro Side/Top-scrolling Sh'mups (R-Type/Disposable Hero/Uridium/Pulstar/Agony).

Retro/Side-scrolling platform games (Saboteur/MetalSlug/Rygar/Myth-History In The Making/Flahsback/Benefactor/Fez/Sacred Armor of Antiriad).

3D Puzzle-Adventure games (Silent Hill/Soul Reaver/Tomb Raider/Resident Evil/Nightmare Creatures).

Top-Down Shooters (Aline Breed '96 SE/Chaos Engine/Alien Shooter).

Old-School Turn Based Strategy (LASER Squad/Dune (1992 version)/UFO Enemy Unknown/Chaos "Battle of Wizards"/Space Crusade).

3rd Person Isometric games (Max Pyne 1+2/Diablo/Fallout 1&2/Immortal).

1st Person Open World Adventures (No Mans Sky/Skyrim/Spore Galactic Adventures/Fallout 3).

Car Racing games which allow car upgrades (NFS Underground 2/MidnightClub3-DubEd./Forza Horizon).

Ragdoll Boxing games (Fight Night round 3/Fight Night Champion).

FPS Maze/Corridor/Sprite-Shooters (Doom 1+2/Hexen/Riseof the Triad/Half Life/Duke Nukem/Serious Sam).

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