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Beat 'Em Up Game Source Project
Author Text

Registered User
2021-09-22 13:08:18

Just uploaded a very basic Beat'em up game demo to my website

The project comes with 2 behaviors one for AI and one for Player.

The games contain a very good player controller, including Walk, Run, Idle, and Attack system for the player. A basic health pickup system. unfortunately, when doing animations I forgot to add death animations for players that's why a game over screen is missing from the project. but there is code leftover, to easily create a game over system.

AI is intelligent, it will chase the player and randomly decide to attack, stand or move.

Behaviors are the core of the project and come with a bunch of properties for the player and AI.
like Individual damage for attack type, Individual names for the enemies, Auto update of the UI health bar and names.

Activation radius for AI, and Chasing distance.

Animations are handled by the behaviors, proximity-based hit detection. Autorotation of the AI in the correct direction.
Multi keypresses, and double keypress mechanism.

Level/wave system, Finish enemies to unlock the next wave or level.

There is a total of 3 enemies with increasing damage to make the difficulty.
you need to clear each enemy to reach the next one.

Controls are really easy. Use the arrow keys to move(walk) and quickly double press the left or right arrow key to toggle running. Press Spacebar for Kick and Z for punch.

The behaviors are well commented on, almost all the lines are commented on and easy to understand.
Animations and keypresses are handled with the timers.
So if you are doing custom projects and animations then you might need to change the timers and counters in the behaviors as well.
in order to change the controls, you need to edit the behaviors.
So yeah, to create games based on this source you might need to have some knowledge of javascript and Coppercube API.

Here is the Youtube video that shows the gameplay.

As always you can download the source of the project for free from my website here.

let me know if you guys need documentation on how to set up behaviors and what variables names should be used.
Check the website page for more info on behavior properties.

In order to check the proximity behaviors that do the hit calculation. It is attached to the Hips bone animated joint of every single animated mesh.
enemies use their node name as the prefix of some variables, so when creating new AI's you need to put the name of the node as a prefix to the variables that calculate hit.

Join the Discord Server for any help and info:-

hope you guys like it.

Registered User
2021-09-22 19:06:32

Thanks Just!

great work as usual.

2021-09-23 02:33:48

Thanks sir, this is too good.

2021-09-23 05:23:17

This is awesome, thanks man for sharing it with us.

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