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Just created my first 3d scene on Mozilla Hubs

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2021-10-28 00:02:48

Si I decided to try out this Mozilla Hubs. To my surprise, it's not that hard to get into. Everything about it is strait forward and not too complicated. As my first test on using Mozilla Hubs, I first created a 3 story building model, low poly as possible. This building model is fully navigable in the inside and it's design theme is built around it being a public meeting place. I used sketchup to make the building and also used the pCon.planner app to export the model to the glTF format. For those of you that might not know about Mozilla Hubs, it basically lets you turn a 3d model into a multi-user (or multiplayer) online virtual world with features like text and video chat, 3d avatars and a whole bunch of other cool stuff too numerous to mention here.

My building test model in sketchup:

The same building model, but in Mozilla Hubs:

Well, here it is, my first try at Mozilla Hubs:

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