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Streaming audio

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2021-12-29 17:59:12


I'm working on a tutorial that show cases streaming audio from a server to a client using TCP/IP and IrrKlang.

Using version 1.6 I've already got it up and running (on linux), the client receives small chunks of audio information (coming from a .mp3 or .wav file) that is placed in a memory address that has been handed off to IrrKlang via addSoundSourceFromMemory.
After a certain amount of data has been received on the client side, I call play2D to start playing back the audio.

I can see in the documentation however the note:
"Note: This method only accepts a file (.wav, .ogg, etc) which is totally loaded into memory". My question is of course - why does this work when I try it? Is there some case where it will not work that I've just been "lucky" to avoid? Could it be specific to windows/linux?

Grateful for more information on the subject

2021-12-30 09:02:36

Hm, it likely works like that, but you probably allocate the amount of memory before you fill everything. You are lucky that on Linux, the audio player is more software based, which works in your special case. I don't think it would work with the DirectSound driver on windows, you would need to switch to WinMM for that there.

Registered User
2022-11-25 17:29:50

Will your tutorial be available to the public? I have a need to be able to play streaming audio from an IceCast server. The tutorial sounds like it would be very informative, at least, in the receiving of the stream data aspect.

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