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Serif WebPlus X8 Comparison
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Registered User
2022-01-07 22:02:38

Hi everyone. I'm considering using RocketCake as a replacement for the amazing Serif WebPlus X8, which has been defunct for a few years now and doesn't readily support HTML5 video/audio or HTTPS.

Is there anyone here that was using WebPlus X8 that switched to RocketCake so I can get their insights into the major differences between the two?


Registered User
2022-01-08 08:02:41

I know RocketCake, but I'm not familiar with WebPlus unfortunately, but from what description I read on the web, RocketCake is probably very similar. I don't think WebPlus can do responsive websites, though?

Registered User
2022-01-08 18:42:07

Thanks. I was hoping to find someone that used WebPlus but I appreciate your input.

WebPlus X8 stopped receiving updates in December of 2016. It's very outdated and supports only Flash (now disallowed of course), has no HTTPS support, and no responsive design capabilities. Only limited break-point style functionality for different sized sites.

It's greatest attribute was an amazingly designed and well thought-out user interface with very straight forward drag and drop elements and precise pixel level alignment capabilities. It has built in image editing support, support for lots of widgets and other functional elements and had the ability to add HTML code elements on pages if you wanted to.

Someone that was tech savvy could probably start the program, and within a few hours be creating reasonable websites without reading a single help file or watching a single video tutorial.

It had a large, dedicated following, but the small Serif company in England just decided to sell their company and apps to a larger company who decided they didn't want to stay in the web development business.

That's at least a high-level summary.

Registered User
2022-06-01 18:27:28

I have used Web Plus through every release including X8. I still update my website using it, but since discovering a "live" program like Rocket Cake, I am transitioning to Rocket Cake.

I find Rocket Cake to be very easy to use, which is important to me as I am a residential building designer and not a website programmer or designer. So far, it seems as intuitive as X8.

I am using cut and paste to transfer many of my text lines from Serif into Rocket Cake, but I still have a small learning curve going. Thus far, I have been able to "clone" my Serif work with a minor effort.

Since Rocket Cake is a "living" program ( meaning there are developers continuing to develop and enhance the product, I will stick with Rocket Cake and abandon the "dead" Serif Web Plus (with some sadness).

Hope my comments give you some insight and hope that your journeys with Rocket Cake are successful.

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