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How to open existing html file?
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Registered User
2022-02-06 23:47:13

I'm looking for an alternative to Dreamweaver CS6 which I have used to create I have just downloaded RocketCake 4.3.

As a quick test I have tried to open an existing local html file. However, I get an error --
"Error loading document 'test.html', the document is corrupted or is no Web Builder file."

This error occurs for all html files that I try to open. I know that these files aren't corrupted since I can load them elsewhere.

Don C.

2022-02-07 08:51:56

RocketCake is a code generator, it creates HTML Code from your design. It isn't able to import existing HTML pages. Part of the reason for this is that it is not possible to automatically convert static websites to responsive ones. So if you would try to import an existing website, RocketCake would have to convert it to a responsive one, so this isn't possible.

Registered User
2022-02-08 13:14:43

Don, no program (only a few left) that has the features RC does will import HTML direct. I have done a lot of research and the only one that will do that is the Coffee Cup HTML Editor or some other editor. And that means coding. Your call on that one. Their web design program is limited and has a very steep learning curve.

I took a quick look at your site, which is huge, and I did not see a shopping cart or contact form. So RC may be a good fit for you. Might have to split it up into a couple of sub-sites though.
As RC does not have an "auto" way of connecting the menu to the pages, that I know of, all the menus could be a lot of work. Especially the side bar menu.

Maybe someone with more experience could take a look.

You could also copy and paste a lot of your content into RC.
Of course you probably know all this.

Just some thoughts

Registered User
2022-02-08 13:37:59

That been me for the past six months. Cutting and pasting from an old CMS into RocketCake. Hopefully only have to do this once every ten years or so. The existing site is almost 250MB - I've divided it up over about 15 .rcd files to keep my computer from having a fit.

Also: I've ordered a new computer with 16GB of RAM instead of the 4GB I've been struggling with for a few years now. Curse these frugal bones!

Registered User
2022-06-26 15:23:38


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