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irrEdit is an extensible free realtime 3D world editor and radiosity lightmap generator. It can be used as editor for games and 3D multimedia applications. irrEdit has been written to be used with the open source Irrlicht 3D engine and can be customized and extended to be used as editor for your own applications.

irrEdit, free global illumination lightmap editor

You can even get the source code of the editor to build your own editor or derived product from irrEdit.

Note: irrEdit is now Part of CopperCube, which is also free..

Latest news

Coppercube-irrEdit 4.0 released with particle systems, improved 3d editing, and more.

Coppercube-irrEdit 3.0 released, dynamic lights for all targets, plugins, JavaScript as language and lots more.

Coppercube-irrEdit 2.1 released, including new materials and lots of other smaller new features.

Coppercube-irrEdit 2.0 released. Now includes undo and redo. Also: exporting .irr scenes now longer is not restricted to the 14 days trial period.

Coppercube-irrEdit 1.4.1 released.

Coppercube-irrEdit 1.2.0 released. This release includes an improved .irr exporter.

Coppercube-irrEdit 1.1.3 released. A special version of CopperCube has been released which includes irrEdit extensions, to edit Irrlicht properties and materials and export .irr files.

irrEdit 1.5 released. Adds support for Irrlicht 1.5 and irrKlang 1.1.3, a handful of new features like export to .STL and .OBJ files.

irrEdit 1.4.2 released. Adds support for Irrlicht 1.4.2 and irrKlang 1.1.0, a handful of new features and compatibility improvements with Vistas Aero window renderer.

irrEdit 1.4.1 released. This version is compatible with irrlicht 1.4.1 and fixes a few bugs.

irrEdit 1.4alpha preview released. Changes: improved lightmap generator, .irrmesh support, some gui improvements, integrated irrklang 1.0, irrlicht 1.4alpha compatibility. See change log for details.

For older news entries, please take a look at the News archive.

irrEdit, free global illumination lightmap editor