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irrEdit Change Log

A list of changes for every irrEdit version since the initial release.

irrEdit > 1.5

  • irrEdit is now part of CopperCube and is being developed further as part of it.
  • All irrEdit and Irrlicht related functionality is still free to be used in irrEdit-CopperCube.

Jan-26-2009 irrEdit 1.5

  • Compatibility with Irrlicht 1.5
  • Now using irrKlang 1.1.3 as sound engine
  • Added options to export selections as STL and OBJ file.
  • Added STL and LWO loader

Sep-22-2008 irrEdit 1.4.2

  • Compatibility with Irrlicht 1.4.1
  • Now using irrKlang 1.1.0 as sound engine
  • It is now possible to change the ZFar Value (Z Clipping Plane) of the camera in the options dialog.
  • irrEdit now works with the Vista Aero window manager (the texture windows have not been displayed correctly before)

Jun-01-2008 irrEdit 1.4.1

  • Compatibility with Irrlicht 1.4.1
  • irrKlang 1.0.4 is now being used as sound engine
  • Some few minor bug fixes

Sep-17-2007 irrEdit 1.4alpha preview

  • irrEdit versions will now be adapted to the corresponding irrlicht versions, the editor is now compatible with irrlicht 1.4alpha thus version 1.4alpha.
  • irrEdit can now save meshes as the new Irrlicht Mesh (.irrmesh) file format or as COLLADA. The Irrlicht Mesh format is default.
  • Bug fix in the light mapper: when lighting too small geometry, the lightmapper would set the material to solid and use vertex color instead of lightmaps for those polygons. This resulted in too dark spots where this happened, because the solid material isn't modulated by 4. IrrEdit now uses EMT_ONETEXTURE_BLEND with modulate 4 at these spots to make everything look ok again.
  • irrKlang 1.0 is now being used as sound engine.
  • The lightmapper window now has scrollbars if it is not fully visible.
  • Note: Transparent materials now don't disable the z-write property anymore by themselves, so you will need to uncheck that box in the material box yourself.

Jun-15-2007 irrEdit 0.7.1

  • irrEdit now has a 3D grid, it can be configured in the options dialog and made visible/invisible vie View->Toggle Grid or by using the shortcut Ctrl+G.
  • The background color of the editor view ports can be changed now as well, using Tools->Options->View.
  • irrEdit now includes the 3D audio library irrKlang 0.9, accessable via the sound manager window or in the properties window of sound scene nodes.
  • upgraded to irrlicht 1.3.1, improving various things such as an updated ogre .mesh importer (supporting ogre 1.4)
  • There is now the possibility to change the working directory via Tools->Options->WorkingDirectory.
  • The irrEdit example game plugin had some wrong code making it not able to render itself correctly. This has been corrected now.
  • File open-Dialogs now remember the last used directory again.
  • There is now an additional new scene node plugin: An irrKlang sound scene node.
  • When using more than one plugin scene node, they are no more placed on wrong positions.
  • The window asking for confirmation before closing now resonds more quickly and correctly when bigger scenes are open

Apr-27-2007 irrEdit 0.7

  • It is now possible to edit terrain scene nodes.
  • irrEdit now supports binary plugins in addition to the already exising scripts. You can use plugins to
    • let irrEdit edit your custom scene nodes. See source\examplePlugins\exampleSceneNodePlugin for an example project
    • run your game inside irrEdit, with the scene you are currently editing.
    See source\examplePlugins\exampleGamePlugin for an example project
  • irrEdit is now compatible with irrlicht 1.3. The source of the used irrlicht engine is included in this release in the \source folder.
  • Picking the arrows has been fixed when using more than one 3d view.

Nov-20-2006 irrEdit 0.6

  • added global illumination renderer to lightmapper using radiosity
  • compatible with the upcoming irrlicht 1.2 but also with all previous versions
  • global illumination can use 3d hardware to speed up the rendering process, currently supported by D3D8 and D3D9.
  • increased lightmapper speed significantly
  • added menus for export and import in file menu
  • fixed a bug which caused irrEdit to not load icons when an autostart script changed the working directory of the editor

Oct-15-2006 irrEdit 0.5

  • the lightmapper now has the option to use subSampling, improving the image quality a lot.
  • irrEdit now writes irrlicht 1.1 compatible .irr files again, scenes written with irrEdit 0.4 only worked with the irrlicht svn version.
  • 3ds importer improved
  • lights can no more occlude light themselves
  • added a new scripting function 'irrGetSceneNodeType' it is now possible to change the working directory of the editor via a script 'irrSetWorkingDirectory' so irrEdit does not need to stay in the same directory as your application or game. Example: If your application is running in C:\SDKS\irrlicht-1.1\bin\Win32-VisualStudio and is loading all media files from there, then open the scripting window and execute irrSetWorkingDirectory("C:\\SDKS\\irrlicht-1.1\\bin\\Win32-VisualStudio"); so irrEdit can load all media files as if it where your application. You can also put this line into a file, name it autostart_somename.nut and place it into the 'scripts' directory of irredit, so it will be executed when irrEdit starts up.
  • fixed 'toggle debugdata of all lights' menu entry
  • coloring of selection and modifyier tools improved
  • irrKlang integrated into irrEdit. Currently this makes not much sense, but if you want to play sounds and streams inside the editor (also via scripts) this is possible now.

Aug-29-2006 irrEdit 0.4

  • Built-In light mapper now fully functional
  • Ambient light color for the whole scene now editable in root scene node.
  • There is now a lightmapping tutorial available for irrEdit, on the homepage as well as in the \doc directory.
  • Added context menus in 3d views (activate by right clicking)
  • Possibility to export meshes as COLLADA files
  • Possibility to set a planar mapping for meshes
  • Corrected aspect ration when opening new files
  • Light mapped scenes can now be saved and loaded (also in Irrlicht)
  • Several mesh loading bug fixes (ogre .mesh etc)

Aug-06-2006 irrEdit 0.3

  • Added .b3d support
  • Improved .3ds file importer
  • Improved .obj file importer
  • Support for XP common controls
  • Added preview version of lightmapper
  • All added new files are saved with relative paths now
  • Improved rendering speed
  • Added irrEdit user data sections in .irr files. Editing not possible yet.
  • Fixed toggle all light debug data

Jul-20-2006 irrEdit 0.2

  • IrrEdit is now scriptable. There are 17 script functions available, with which it is possible to manipulate almost everything the editor is able to edit. In addition there are autostart scripts and scripts can be added to the menu and the toolbar. See doc/scripting.html
  • Command line interface: start the editor with a scene filename as parameter and it will open it at startup
  • In addition to Direct3D 9, the editor now also runs with Direct3D 8 and the Software device.
  • It is now possible to set 3d engine options. Those are also displayed when irrEdit is not able to start up.
  • Lights and Cameras are now displayed as icons in editor
  • Now imports binary .x files
  • Now imports ogre .mesh files
  • Drag scene nodes in Scene Graph explorer to rearrange parent child relations
  • Update selection in scene graph explorer correctly
  • Cloning of scene nodes including materials, animators and children via Ctrl+C (not all nodes supported yet)
  • Fixed a bug causing the editor not to close on slow hardware

Jun-17-2006 irrEdit 0.1

  • Initial release