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irrEdit Tutorials

This section will contain tutorials and tips for irrEdit. If you wrote a tutorial by yourself and want it to be published here, don't hesitate to send it to us.

Tutorial Name Summary
Getting started This tutorial gives a basic overview about irrEdit. It explains all major windows and shows how to do basic operations such as moving objects, changing textures, and even how to display created scenes in an own application. This tutorial was written by Daryl Lee.
Lightmapping irrEdit has a powerful built-in lightmap generator. This tutorial explains how to use it to create nicely lighted geometry.
Scripting This is a reference of all script commands available in irrEdit. Scripts can be used to enhance irrEdits functionality by adding new commands to its toolbars and menus. There is also a scripting window in irrEdit into which you can directly write and execute scripts.