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Obfuscate .as, .mxml and/or .swf files

Protect your SWF files

irrFuscator obfuscates the Actionscript 3 bytecode in Flash and Flex SWF files so that decompilers won't be able to extract your function, variable and constant names anymore.

Obfuscate your .as and .mxml files

irrFuscator can read in a directory of .as and .mxml files, process them and put them out into a target directory. Simply recompile the directory with the obfuscated files and your .swf files are a lot safer.

Protect your Flash and Flex projects

irrFuscator just works: In contrast to many other SWF 'protectors', irrfuscator doesn't 'encrypt' the SWF, it obfuscates the code, removing all the information from it. In this way it cannot be 'decrypted' because the information simply isn't there anymore. That's why many big browser game and website developers rely on the strong protection irrFuscator provides.

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