Webshop and Product infos

When buying a product on this website, payment processing is done by our payment processor BMTMicro. You will get an invoice from them and if you have troubles buying from their webshop, you can contact their usually very friendly customer support.

Questions about your order are answered on their Ordering options website.

If you are interested, here are some more information about buying from Ambiera, the company developing the products:
  • Company, Adress, Contact: See imprint
  • Contact: See contact page
  • Price of the product: You can see this directly on the 'buy now' page.
  • Taxes: They are included in the total price of the product, and listed directly on the 'buy now' page.
  • Delivery Charges: There are none. All products are delivered as license key via email or download link.
  • Terms of Payment: See BMTMicro's ordering options page and our Terms and Conditions
  • Purchase Orders: Yes, we even do that. Just contact us for this.
  • Right of withdrawal and refund: All our software can be tested for free before buying. Be sure that you like the software before you buy it. If you bought the software in error and don't like it, it is usually possible to get your money back within 14 days, after a review. Notice that your software might then also be remotely disabled, so you cannot use it anymore. If you bought via BMTMicro, their terms and refund policies apply, of course.
  • Template for withdrawal or refund: Just use the contact form and be sure to select the product.
  • Cost of retuning: There are none. All products are delivered as license key via email or download link.
  • Warranty: Lawful warranty applies. Also, we are usually fixing all problems with the software as far and as quick as possible. Just be sure to report a bug if you find it.
  • Contractual guarantees and conditions: See our Terms and Conditions
  • Duration of the contract: For most of our software, and if not stated otherwise, it works like that: If you bought a license for using a version of our software, you can use that version as long as you live. There are sometimes even free updates to newer versions included. See the specific product page for limits and details.
  • Functionality of digital content: You can usually test functionality of our software with the free evaulation copy of our software.
  • Compatibility of digital content: This is listed on the product page. You can also test compatibility yourself using the free evaulation copy of our software.


If you have any questions, just send an email to . We are trying to answer mails as fast as we can.
Alternatively, Ambiera also provides a forum for discussions and a contact form for getting licenses and asking questions about our software.

Online Dispute Resolution

If you want to use the Online Dispute Resolution of the European Commision, just use this link: Online Dispute Resolution.

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