Hyperlinks connect pages of your website with each other, and external websites and files with your site.

To add links between your pages or to other websites on the internet, mark the part of the text you want to be the hyperlink, right-click on it and select 'Insert Hyperlink...'.

Alternatively, you can also use the green hyperlink icon in the toolbar of the editor. This also works for images and shapes (be it transparent, web2.0 or gradient shapes).

A dialog will now open where you can enter the URL of the hyperlink.

Linking internal websites

To link two pages in this website you can choose 'Page in this project' as Link type and then select another page in this website.

Named Anchors

To link Named Anchors, bookmarks in a page, simply select the 'Page in this project' and choose the named anchor in a page. It will be shown directly below the page if it exists.


If you are creating a text link, there will also be a 'Style' section in that dialog. Here you can define and reuse global named styles for your links, if you want more then one or some special styles. Defining different hover colors, disabling underlined links and more is possible here.

Special Actions

It is possible to trigger a special action for a hyperlink instead of linking a website with it. Choose 'Invoke a special WebsitePainter action' as link type for this. A dialog will then pop up where you can select the action and the target item for that action, for example to show the next image in a created SlideShow.

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