Images display image files in the html document.

Creating an Image

By using the 'Image' entry of the Toolset or the menu command 'Insert -> Image', you can place images on the website. Once you placed your image, a file selection dialog will appear and ask you to select an image file on your disk. You can select any file of the format .jpg, .png, .gif and .bmp here.

In the 'Properties' window on the left, you can change the image file name which is shown, and other settings for its appearance, as for all other items as well.


This component supports several background modes (Color, Image, Gradient), changeable by selecting the property 'BackgroundMode'. It also supports several border modes. The background will only be visible if the image file cannot be loaded or the image is transparent.

Other supported properties are:


You can create a hyperlink for the image, so that the user is able to click on the image and open a new page. Simply select the image, right->click and select 'Insert Hyperlink'.

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