Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu component gives you the possibility to create a drop down menu with links on your website. It looks like this:

Creating a Menu

By using the 'Navigation Menu' entry of the Toolset or the menu command 'Insert -> Navigation Menu', you can place the menu on the website. Once you placed your menu, you can click the 'Edit text here' text and enter new menu entries directly in the editor. It is possible to select a font, color and font size for each menu entry individually. If you want to change the font for multiple menu entries at once, simply select one menu entry, hold down the 'Shift' key on your keyboard and click other menu entries to select them as well. Then, you can choose a new font as usual.

Special Entries

The menu supports horizontal lines as menu entries. Simply set the text of a sub menu to "-" (=a minus symbol), and if you click 'preview' to view your website in the browser, this menu entry will appear as a horizontal line.


This component supports several background modes (Color, Image, Gradient), changeable by selecting the property 'BackgroundMode'. It also supports several border modes. The background will only be visible if the image files cannot be loaded or the currently shown image is transparent. If you want even different backgrounds, simply set the background and border to trnasparent and invisible and place any other element behind the menu bar.

Other supported properties are:

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