Publishing the Website

Once you are finished with your website, you might want to publish it to an internet server, so that other people can read it.

Using Publish to local disk

For this, choose the menu command 'Publish -> Publish to local disk'. A dialog will appear to select a target directory. When you press OK, all HTML and image files will be generated on your disk, in the directory you selected.

You now only need to upload these to your webserver or FTP server. For this you can use any FTP program. Ambiera recommends the free FTP client 'Filezilla' ( or WinSCP (

Using WebsitePainters built-in FTP client

WebsitePainter also has a built-in FTP client, which can upload all the files automatically for you. For this, choose the menu command 'Publish -> Publish to the Internet'. A dialog will appear, asking you for the address and login data for the server:

As address, you can specify an FTP server, such as When pressing 'ok', WebsitePainter will try to upload all the files to this server.

If you want to specify a folder on your webspace where the website should be uploaded to, simply append it to the address like this: Assuming your ftp server adress is, and you want to upload it to a folder named 'myfolder', then the adress would be:

If your file server uses an port other than the default port 21 (this is usually not the case), you can specify another port by adding it after the host name, like this, for example for port 42:

You can also enter username and password into the adress line, like this:

Note that in this case, leave the 'User name' and 'Password' field empty.

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