The Image SlideShow component gives you the possibility to create an interactive image slide show to your Website.

Creating a Slideshow

By using the 'Image Slideshow' entry of the Toolset or the menu command 'Insert -> Image Slideshow', you can place the slideshow on the website. Once you placed your image, you can select images for the slideshow in the property window. You can select any file of the format .jpg, .png, .gif and .bmp here.


This component supports several background modes (Color, Image, Gradient), changeable by selecting the property 'BackgroundMode'. It also supports several border modes. The background will only be visible if the image files cannot be loaded or the currently shown image is transparent.

Other supported properties are:

Interactive Slideshows

To make the slideshow interactive, you can create links for selecting the next or the previous image. Create a Hyperlink (see Hyperlinks to see how to do this) and choose 'Invoke a special WebsitePainter action' as link type for this. A dialog will then pop up where you can select the action 'switch to next image in slideshow' or 'switch to previous image in slideshow' and the target slideshow  element for that action.

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