The text component is the most important component in Website Painter, it shows the text of the website.

Creating Text

Click on the Entry in the Toolset on the right named 'Text' or alternatively, use the Menu 'Insert -> Text'. Then, click somewhere on the empty page. A text will appear, and clicking on it, you can now type in the text:

With the white rectangles around the area, you can resize the text, and by clicking and dragging the white rectangle with the arrows in it, you can move the text area anywhere you want. This works for every page.

As long as the text element is selected, you can see it's Properties in the 'Properties' window on the left. There, you can change the background color, border and other settings for this text if you want.


This component supports several background modes (Color, Image, Gradient), changeable by selecting the property 'BackgroundMode'. It also supports several border modes.

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