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About Ambiera

Ambiera e.U. is an independent software development company which specializes in multimedia, web and 3D software. Since its foundation, Ambiera has helped creating more than 200 computer and video games, and probably even more commercial specialized software such as e-learning applications, architectural visualizations, websites and military simulations.

Ambiera e.U. is located in the heart of Europe, near Austria / Vienna, and was founded by Nikolaus Gebhardt, who is probably best known also as founder of the back then very popular open source 3d engine 'Irrlicht'. Because of this, Ambiera also invests a big amount of its resources in helping and supporting the development of open source software.


Here are some ways to get into contact with us:


There is an external private development blog of the main developer available for the tools and libraries provided on this webpage. It is updated regularily and also provides an RSS feed.