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discussions about irrKlang, the crossplatform 2d and 3d audio engine
43492018-11-01 08:10:03 by ultim
[Util] load sounds from Irrlic...

discussions about CopperCube, the 3D authoring tool for WebGL, Flash, Android and more
Made something with CopperCube? Show it here.
2721Today by niko
Website will be down for 1 day...
If you have a question how to do something in CopperCube this is the forum for you
7291Today by niko
reload and verify extenstions
Help with any programming or scripting tasks with CopperCube
2591Today by mutan_gaming
FPS needed Script
Discovered a bug? Have a problem? Post it here.
3847Today by blackwater
easy reqeust/s
post anything here which doesn't belong in the other forums
2241Today by blackwater
Video: mixamo animations to Bl...


discussions about RocketCake, the responsive web designer
1491Yesterday by chod
HTML Window Height


discussions about WebsitePainter, the website editor
13142018-11-07 10:12:01 by lucky-naty
Problem with Named Anchors


discussions about CopperLicht, the free JavaScript/WebGL 3d Engine
13802018-10-21 17:59:51 by mdzima
Loading Models


discussions about irrEdit, the free realtime 3D world editor and radiosity lightmap generator
10502018-06-15 08:19:49 by niko
irrEdit for 1.8?


discussions about irrFuscator, the ActionScript 3 obfuscator
2892015-09-25 09:29:10 by erik
irrFuscator Terminal Commands


discussions about irrXML the open source XML parser
1612014-11-24 10:36:45 by Ruben Garcia
Support for gcc 4.8

Open Discussion

Discussion about everything. New games, 3d math, development tips,...
6832018-11-14 13:10:53 by Eric
Free Music Resource for Your G...

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