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character effected by physics

Registered User
2022-07-26 10:36:28

I've been trying to do a simple Fall Guys clone, but I'm struggle getting the character to react to any animated object.
I dumbed it down to a sphere as the controlled object, as a rolling sphere it gets knocked away by the revolving beam, but adding keyboard control to the sphere the beam just passes through

I don't usually do 3rd person views as I suck with characters in general so I'm probably just missing something simple

2022-07-26 12:08:15

You can't control a physics object with default controller or by changing its position, You need to apply physics velocity in order to make the object move.
use the command
[/b] ccbSetPhysicsVelocity()[/b]
command to apply a physics velocity. You probably need to create custom control for objects with physics.

Registered User
2022-07-27 10:49:30

I'm just on making my first rigged character, wish me luck lol

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