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Publish to the internet - always entire project?
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Registered User
2022-09-07 16:02:29

If I have made only minor changes to a RocketCake project, let's say reworded a text on just one single page of the project, and then publish to local disk, RocketCake still seems to re-create the entire project. That's no problem as it is quickly done.

However, if I published to the internet instead, using RC's in-built FTP-client, would RC then also upload the entire project?

Registered User
2022-09-07 17:25:23

Sorry, I should have asked the Help file. It has the answer:

There is a checkbox in the FTP-Window "Only upload updated or new files".

Registered User
2022-09-07 19:59:20

Oh dear, I'm not amused

I tried the built-in FTP-client to upload a minor change (4 images added to one of the galleries) and got my website completely corrupted:
- content of several pages mixed and merged in a weired manner
- a number of images no longer displayed
- image galleries mixed and merged and no longer functional
- menu no longer working
- responsiveness not really lost but at very strange behaviour

Fortunately, I back-up my work frequently, so I swiped the entire mess from the server and reloaded the latest functional version of my website.

Honestly, I won't give RC's "Publish to the internet" option another try but rather keep relying on my external FTP-client (FileZilla).

Has anyone used the function with better success?

Registered User
2022-09-07 20:54:27

You need to be sure to save your project after uploading. Rocketcake remembers in your project what it has uploaded already and what has changed since then. If you dont save after uploading, it will upload much more than it has to. Maybe that's rhe problem?

Registered User
2022-09-08 01:28:17

Yes, RC has uploaded everything, but I think that's normal behaviour at the first use of the FTP-client on a project. RC cannot have a reference at this point.

Also, uploading everything is what I've been doing so far with my external FTP-client as it cannot destinguish between files which just have a newer time stamp but are unchanged and files which are actually changed. And this has always worked.

Something else must have gone wrong seriously.

Registered User
2022-09-08 07:21:57

If you upload sometimes with your external client and sometimes with RocketCake, it might go out of sync. Then I would simply tell rocketcake to upload everything just to be sure.

If you only use RocketCake for uploading, and save your project after that, then you should be fine also, and just need to upload the changed files (which it should do automatically then).

Registered User
2022-09-08 11:40:32

Thanks, erik, for your ongoing help and support.

Meanwhile, I have found the reason for the desaster:

My webhoster has an unusual FTP address format, and I should have deleted the ftp:// prefix in the FTP address field. RC has uploaded all the stuff but into a wrong directory on the server. When I looked up my website and couldn't see any effect I made several other attempts with variations of the FTP address. And that's what caused the desaster. So my fault, after all.

Nevertheless I have decided to better do without RC's FTP client. The key advantage of FileZilla is that it provides a live view on what's happening on the server during an upload. And I need it for other tasks anyway.

Registered User
2022-09-08 14:33:26

I Think I have found a good solution for the upload of changes at minimum expense of time and traffic and without using RC's built-in FTP functionality but an external FTP client (FileZilla):

I start with the content for rc_images folder.

If I have added images, to a gallery or elsewhere, I mark all images for upload but set FileZilla to skip those which already exist in the remote rc_images folder. (That's easy to do because all my image file names are made of digits whereas the RC-generated thumbs have the file name format rwb_xx.jpg. So they are nicely grouped in the folder view.)

If I have made changes to a gallery, added or replaced images, or have added another gallery, I mark all thumbs (the rwb_xx files) for upload and set FileZilla to overwrite those which already exist in the remote rc_images folder. (Reason for uploading all thumbs is that RC refrehes the numbering of the thumbs if changes to a gallery have been made, and that this is a fast process anyway since files sizes are low.)
I the same run I mark the 2 Java Scripts for upload and overwrite. (I can only guess what these scripts are good for, so I upload and overwrite the existing ones to be on the safe side.)

Finally, I go up 1 step in the folder hierarchy and upload all the html files and overwrite the existing ones. (I don't use external CSS.)

RocketCake's "Only upload updated or new files" option is a nice feature but I feel better if I can watch what actually happens.

Registered User
2022-09-08 18:49:07

micaelo wrote:
"I think I have found ..."

... or, to put it in short:

Original, full size images -> upload all, but let FileZilla skip existing ones
(this is the huge time and traffic saver, at least for my website on photography)

All other files -> upload all, and let FileZilla overwrite existing ones

Registered User
2022-09-09 16:41:51

This has been my experience and suggestion as well - allow us to publish locally ONLY the changes - I too have not had good experiences with the built in FTP client and use a different programme that automatically can detect changes in my local folder and upload them to my FTP - but RocketCake seems to update timestamps on all the files even if they haven't changed, so my local FTP client resyncs everything anyway. It would be sweet if RocketCake included the option to publish only current changes locally as well.

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