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<feature request: iFrame label>

Registered User
2022-09-25 15:22:31

So I'm still a fan of iFrames for certain functions on my websites. This morning I worked on one where I had put a tiny frame in for a stats counter, and couldn't for the life of me find where I had put that frame months ago! Eventually I turned on show outlines and was able to find it, which is on me. But maybe we could label iFrames the same way we label PHP and JAVASCRIPT? So that the frame contains the actual text "IFRAME" or something?

This also segues into the idea that showing outlines on content should be something that is persistent? If we turn that on in one session, can we have it remember that setting? Maybe add stuff like that to preferences? It was AMAZING when we could remember panel positions and sizes, here's another request for RocketCake to remember our development customisations.

Thanks again for a fantastic product!


2022-09-26 08:30:53

Would be an idea. But you can also easily spot them using the Element Browser, they have that iframe icon and usually a name like "IFrame"

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