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<feature request: more "sticky" settings esp. re: popup sizes>
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Registered User
2022-10-03 14:22:27

Here I am with my regular feature requests related to my own personal workflow...

In this case, I am working on a site with many anchor links. When I try to add hyperlinks to "page within this project" - the resulting popup window is relatively tiny compared to the long, long list of possible links within the project. I can either scroll up and down and side to side to find the link I want, or drag the small popup to the top left of the screen and then drag the bottom corner of it to the bottom right in an effort to enlarge it and more easily find what I'm after.

I've tried holding ctrl or shift when I click okay, which is often a Windows behaviour to remember the position of a window, but it doesn't seem to work in RocketCake. Is there a way to get that popup to either be, or at least remember how large some sets it?

Thanks again for everything! RocketCake still rules!


2022-10-04 08:21:08

Will add this to my TODO list, true, good idea.

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