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How to make overlay container disappear on click?
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Registered User
2022-10-20 23:47:43

I have created an overlay container which I want to place occasionally on the startpage to alert website visitors of recently added content. It looks like this:

I want it to disappear if visitors click on OK. Any idea on how can I get this to work?

2022-10-21 13:25:06

In the hyperlink for your ok button, put a javascript code and make it like this:

javascript:document.getElementById('idofyouroverlay').style.display = 'none';

Only replace that idofyouroverlay with the id of your overlay.

Registered User
2022-10-21 14:39:11

Hm, this does not work. Upon click on OK the entire page disappears and the browser displays "none" in the upper left corner.

Registered User
2022-10-21 17:53:38

As said, inserting the hyperlink as proposed did not work. However, in an earlier thread I have found a code which does the trick (I just replaced "yourimage" with my container ID and removed the blank from "on click"), with the only difference that website visitors don't necessarily have to click the OK button but can click just anywhere on the page to make the overlay disappear.
That's good enough. I'm not going to use the overlay very often, anyway.

Registered User
2022-10-22 12:13:11

I finally got it: I removed the hyperlink from the OK button. Instead, I gave the button the additional HTML code as shown here
That works exactly as I want it

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