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Replicate menu to other pages?
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Registered User
2022-10-24 05:19:49

Firstly, RocketCake is quite nice to come across. Thank you very much for making it, and for making it available for free. There is a definite need for this kind of tool. Nicely executed, too.

The question: is it possible to replicate the changes to a Navigation Menu (Toolset component) into multiple (i.e., all) pages of the same website?

In other words, can one Navigation Menu definition (Toolset component) appear on multiple pages?

The goal is to just maintain one Navigation Menu, and to not have to update each individual page with the same edits, every time a page is added, renamed, or re-ordered.

When I add a new page, or change page names/orders, I would like all of the Menus to update, instead of updating each one with the same changes. (If the pages were created manually, the same goal might be achieved with SHTML and Server Side Includes, but I do not know if RocketCake can facilitate something equivalent. I want RocketCake to generate a matching menu for each page.)

Originally, I thought this might be either automatic with the menu in the templates, or nearly achievable by copy-pasting the Navigation Menu element (box) with the mouse through the right-click Copy and Paste actions. However, neither of these seems to be the case.

I am using RocketCake 4.7 on macOS. Any advise on maintaining one Navigation Menu to be reflected across multiple (all) pages of the site, would be most welcome and greatly appreciated. I tried searching these forums, without a close match found by me.

Thank you very much for any input.

Registered User
2022-10-24 05:39:00

It looks like, for my case as described above, the Master Page and Content Placeholder features offer a suitable way to include the same Navigation Menu (and top content, and, optionally, footer content) in multiple pages.

This way, only the Master Page that contains the menu needs to be updated.

This seems to work, based on a test. I am pleased to have found a workable solution in the RocketCake documentation at:

(If there are any other experiences, comments, alternative approaches, or recommendations, I would still love to hear more input, of course.)

Registered User
2022-10-24 05:39:17

Try using a master page. Rhis is what I do.
There is also a tutorial about master pages in rhe docs.

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