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controller up down right left 4-8 movement

Registered User
2022-12-08 23:13:12

Hello, does anyone have a controller that allows me to move in (4-8 directions) up, down, right, left, without programming, it has no fluidity and the movements are very rigid and cannot be configured for diagonal movement, thanks

Registered User
2022-12-09 08:38:02

hi i dont have this kind of controller but you can easilly make a controller like this with visual scripting

and i will share it how ppl can do it with the community if anyone like to know how

for examble

when key a is pressed set variable a to 1
if key is leftup set variable a to 0

then every 1 ms if variable a = 1 move player by vector in that direction you want.

do this for all the keys you need

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