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hitbox for a "player/enemy " punch

2023-05-16 09:15:17

Hi , I just have a punch / kick animation but I don't know how to create a hitbox for it at the right frame and make the one who gets the punch / kick do the animation of getting hit

2023-05-16 12:03:03

You can use my directional proximity behavior or can use the inbuild proximity behavior, by attaching them to the animated joints for the animated objects. If you know scripting then you can utilize the recently introduced new API commands as well for animated objects to get the correct position of the animated joint and check it with the position of the enemy.

there have been many examples in the community. There is one street fighter template by me and a beat'em up demo as well. The Street Fighter basic clone file has been buried deep down in the forums. While you can download the beat'em up demo from my website

2023-05-16 14:45:38

Thank you so much

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