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game i made with coppercube bricked someones PC

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guys i did something absolutely weird i made a fp "horror" game for a commision and sent it to the guy, a few days later someone blamed me from steam about i "put" malware on games,he told me his is bricked first i thought it would be happened because how windows defender detects exe files as virus meaninglessly...

here is the screenshot i cant show game its not loaded on page but if you contact me from discord,i can show, Nimble._1

thanks... you can see it on profile comments


Upload it to

Or did you mean, somebody took your game, altered it, then release it somewhere, and now ppl complain about that altered version?

Well you should add a copyright notice, so you can arrange deletion of copies.

There are fishy ppl, servers, admins and jams out there. I gave a 2D jumpnrun game in html5 to a certain webserver for their games section. On the game runs smoothly (in my old eyes anyway) with 30 or more frames. On the guys server, it runs with like 7 fps.

Might be just a crypto miner he added, but he certainly messed with the code and published it under my name.

You can also add a disclaimer to your webpage, saying that people should DL your game only from HERE, and in any case check anything first for malware, eg. by using (tho, I guess that's limited to 100MB files)

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