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Orthogonal camera

Registered User
2012-01-04 23:36:14

This will change the camera's projection mode to orthogonal (without depth)

2012-01-05 08:26:41


Registered User
2013-11-29 15:53:03

I have major deformation on the sides of the canvas (as you would on a real lens with a wide angle)
Am I right in saying the above code only works for a model viewer?

On my FPS camera, using this prototype, I am basically a mile back with a very long lens, so yes I have an orthogonal view but with some major drawbacks:

When I enter a building I am stuck with the view from outside (basically I see items, such as walls, that are behind me)
When I look around, as the camera becomes effectively a lever point, my POV raises and lowers dramatically

Is there another solution to get an orthogonal view in copperlicht?

Registered User
2013-11-30 08:23:15

From what you describe, isn't that what an orthogonal camera in 3D does?

Registered User
2013-11-30 14:54:10

Not necessarily,
in most modern games the view is orthogonal but they definitely do not work like this one.

As I said, it is orthogonal but produces other problems which on a FPS camera makes it totally useless. I have played with the max and min plane for the camera (to hide walls behind it) but then I can see walls become transparent on the side of the screen which isn't good either)

With this I was hoping to find a way to manage the view so that I could have the view from where the camera is and so I do not see walls behind me.
I was also hoping that, when I look around, the view would not rotate around the camera position but in the camera position.

Basically it would be nice to have this behavior on a FPS camera, the behavior as it is right now is not usable for a FPS camera... but then maybe I am not understanding this prototype (behaviour) so well, what are all those m00, m01, mo2, etc. in the code? any reference anywhere?

2013-12-01 21:55:11

Those m00 etc are the members of the 4x4 projectsion matrix. You can set them freely. If you have a projection matrix which does an orthogonal projection as you want it to, you can set the matrix members to the one you need.

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