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Registered User
2012-04-29 02:48:34

Sorry... after publishing to local disk I can't find the images in the image folder, (image files with 0 byte only), the images are missing in browser view (Mac). Any ideas? Thanks for help, best regards.

2012-04-29 06:17:18

Hm, depends on the images. Maybe websitepainter can't find the images on your disk anymore (removed? deleted? renamed?), or maybe they are in a file format not supported? Mabe they are huge and don't fit into the memory? Difficult to say.. You have to play around a bit with it. If you cannot find a solution yourself, send use the .wspd file, and I'll have a look at it.

2012-04-30 22:31:35

Hi Louis, welcome to the board.

Each time you publish with Website Painter, it will draw the images from where you have linked the photos. If you later move things around, the links get broken.

What I've done to avoid losing things, is to create a folder on my computer of files that I use on my site, and I don't edit anything in there. I have sub folders in there for each page of my site, to avoid having too many photos in one folder, which makes it easier when replacing photos.

Hope that helps

Registered User
2012-05-02 00:44:59

Problem solved: incorrect entry (by myself) in main options (image folder). To create an extra folder for all images before starting the project is very helpful. Thank you, Demonlawyer,

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