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map level editor

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2012-10-09 08:50:39

Hi Niko,

I wonder about how to easily and efficienty create maps for a CopperLicht game.
The size and detail-depth of the map should be approx. like a typical Quake3 map.

So I tried your CopperCube editor. I must say, that it's okay to create a (very) small scene, but to create a full map, I think this whould be a big pain.

So, what's your suggestion to create "big" maps? Should I use another editor (blender3d, hammer, ...) and export/import it to CupperCube and then use it in my cubberLicht game?
What's your preferred way?

Greeting from Germany :-)

2012-10-10 07:46:46


yes, the editing tools in there are only for adjusting stuff or reparing small errors, not ideal for creating full 3d environments, you should use a dedicated tool for that.
Yes, you can use any editor you like, depends totally on you. I personally use anim8or :)

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