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Possible DirectSound PlaybackSpeed bug?

Registered User
2013-05-25 01:22:12

DirectSound & DirectSound8 seems adds to old PlaybackSpeed. But only sometimes.... (Does not happen with WinMM, But WinMM has lots of 'popping'.)

I am using a short .ogg as sound for a engine. (Play2D Looped) changing the PlaybackSpeed each frame as RPM changes.

The problem comes after the sound has been disposed and reloaded. (level change)
It will act like it's adding the PlaybackSpeed when it was disposed to the new PlaybackSpeed.
So the engine sounds like its running higher/lower RPMs.
The odd thing is that it only does it one out of three times.

Things tried:
*Single threaded? 'New ISoundEngine(SoundOutputDriver.DirectSound, SoundEngineOptionFlag.LoadPlugins)'
*Setting PlaybackSpeed back to 1 when disposing.
*Not Disposing of sound. (just calling .Stop())
*Playing from SoundSource NoStreaming and preLoad on.
*Disposing of SoundSource.
*Calling SoundEngine.Update() each frame.

.Net4 OS(winXP & win7) graphics(AMD & Nvidia)

I would really like to use irrKlang(easy to use and good commercial prices) but I don't think I will be able to use it unless I can get this fixed.

Registered User
2013-05-25 03:12:06

Well It seems as though, it may be my fault. It was not ever getting to dispose/stop the sound...
Ill reply back here if the problem is still there after fixing.

Registered User
2013-05-25 06:10:16

The bug no longer seems to be there.
So apparently WinMM and DirectSound handle not disposing of sounds differently.

It's nice to see it wasn't a bug with irrKlang after all.

2013-05-26 07:53:55

Ah, nice :)

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