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Mesh maths

Registered User
2014-09-12 19:39:53

I thought it best to keep this separate to my other question.

In my morphing I have to calculate the difference between the same two vertex positions in two models. One model is the morph target (morphMeshBuffer) and the other is a neutral model (neutralMeshBuffer). At the moment I am trying this :

var xDif = (morphMeshBuffer.Vertices[v].Pos.X - neutralMeshBuffer.Vertices[v].Pos.X) * weight.toFixed(4);
var yDif = (morphMeshBuffer.Vertices[v].Pos.Y - neutralMeshBuffer.Vertices[v].Pos.Y) * weight.toFixed(4);
var zDif = (morphMeshBuffer.Vertices[v].Pos.Z - neutralMeshBuffer.Vertices[v].Pos.Z) * weight.toFixed(4);

So xDif, yDix and zDif should all then hold the difference between the two mesh's positions for that vertex (v).

weight is simply the weight of the morph - ie if it's having no influence it would be 0 and therefore xDif, yDif and zDif would be 0. All the way up to weight of 1 which would see xDif, yDif and zDif having some value.

This is more or less the same way I do it in c-sharp, but my results are strange. Perhaps I am doing the calculation wrong for CopperLicht ?

Cheers :)

2014-09-13 05:49:06

Sounds ok to me. But if it doesn't work it could be that the reason for this is the problem you described in the other thread.

Registered User
2014-09-13 15:34:38

That's what I thought, the maths seems fine. Thanks again for the help.

Registered User
2014-09-13 18:29:03

Just to confirm that this works as expected.

It was the createClone() function that was causing the problem and that has now been fixed :)

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