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Cant link with irrKlang.lib

Registered User
2017-02-13 20:40:47

createIrrKlangDevice gives the following:

1>ipo: : warning 11021: unresolved _printf
1> Referenced in irrKlang.lib(os.obj)
1>ipo: : warning 11021: unresolved ___iob_func
1> Referenced in irrKlang.lib(itread.obj)

How do I fix this? Im using the Intel Compiler. But it doesnt work with vs2015 either.

Registered User
2017-02-14 07:54:23

Those are warnings, it should also link with those. Are you getting some errors too?
Are you using the pro version? then you need the static lib from the 2015 pro version.

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