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Preventing repositioning of containers on wide screens
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2017-08-10 17:43:00


I have a series of stacked containers on a page. The top container holds a picture, the one beneath has text, and this pattern repeats a number of times down the page. Each block of text refers to the picture above it.

On small screens, this layout is fine but when the page is displayed on a large monitor, the text containers jump up and reposition themselves to the right of the pictures instead of staying beneath them - this garbles the page layout.

I have tried setting maximum widths for all the containers but this makes no difference as they still reposition themselves when the screen stretches out wide. The only way I can keep everything in the correct order is to set the max width of the text boxes to None. When I do this, the text containers stretch out across the screen and prevent the picture containers from repositioning alongside. But this is extremely unsightly.

Any possible solutions would be most appreciated. I think Rocketcake is great!

2017-08-11 18:45:05

Sorry - solved it myself!

The answer is simply to create a container for the whole page. By setting its maximum width you can then control the behaviour of any other container you place inside it. In my case I set the outer container to centralise so that when the page is viewed on a wide screen, the whole page moves to the centre of the window and all the containers within the box stay in the correct relationship.

Which all proves that RocketCake works well even for technical dunces like me!

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