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Difference between RocketCake Pro and WebsitePainter?

Registered User
2017-12-16 13:40:26


I was looking at the product page of RocketCake and WebsitePainter and I would like to know what are the key differences between the two?

Both of them can be used without code to build websites, both of them got WYSIWYG editor and both allow the use own HTML, CSS, JS and PHP code. And both of them cost exactly the same.

Since both of them is available for purchase at the exact same price, there must be some key difference between the two but I can't really figure out what it is by reading the product page.

Only few things are different like RocketCake is told to make responsive websites that can be used as a base to extend with code using the Pro version while WebsitePainter is told to make pro websites and easily add even CSS properties to elements without code and also include some templates.
So is that it? With WebsitePainter I can do more without code?


Registered User
2017-12-16 19:16:59

RocketCake can create responsive websites (work well on PC and mobile devices such as phones) and is free. WebsitePainter only creates static, non-responsive websites, but is a bit easier to use.

Registered User
2017-12-16 20:20:42

The Pro version of RocketCake cost the same and WebsitePainter state it can make professional websites, I would hardly call a static website professional these days....

But I guess there must be a reason to offer two almost identical product for the same price. One being static and the other responsive sounds fair enough.

Thank you for the reply.

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