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Mac OS glitch
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Registered User
2018-11-01 02:41:18

So i went and was messing around doing some basic beginner stuff because i'm new to this and after creating nightstands and telling them to be moved ny the physics engine the game says I have to turn the physics engine on in settings, but every time I do this it switches back to default settings. On top of that I cant use the play button to test out my game anymore. I have a MacBook Pro with 4 gigs of ram, Thank you for your help.

2018-11-02 07:55:05

Strange. What happens if you click the play button to test out your game? Nothing at all? Or do you get an error message?
What operating system are you using?

Registered User
2018-11-03 19:14:02

A window comes up for about a split second like it would normally when you test but closes. I'm running Mac OS sierra, Do I have to upgrade to Mojave

2018-11-05 08:00:14

Maybe your game is causing this, like you are using the "Quit Application" action or it crashes or similar. Does this happen also when using a new, empty scene?
BTW: I'd recommend not to update to Mojave, there are still a few bugs in that OS and maybe Apple will create an update fixing some of these.

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