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How to make One scene for VR
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Registered User
2019-01-16 07:47:59

Hi, how to transfrorm one my coppercube scene in a compatible VR scene? For example ....

Registered User
2019-01-19 14:05:08

This plugin for unity for example, capture screenshot to 360°, that I can insert into another software for create video 360

In coppercube for the future, will be possible to capture 360 screen?
Thank you :)

Registered User
2019-01-19 16:37:46

If you just want a 360° screenshot from your 3D scene than all you need are 6 cameras with 90° lenses (fow) and front, left, right, back, up, down screenshots.

You can test if it's o.k. by placing the screenshots in CC skybox node.

If your software for 360° video supports only Equirectangular images than use programs like/similar to Pano2QTVR to turn your images (Cubic) to Equirectangular images.

...or just create a skybox in Unity with your CC screens and snap a Equirectangular image :)

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