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Combo Box, Combo Boxes, Web Form
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Registered User
2019-01-17 06:35:38

I have a web form (made like a contact.php form ) that has several fields for the guest to fill out to make a reservation. I have used Combo Boxes to make a drop-down selection to have the guest select Month, Day, Year, etc that they plan to arrive. The drop-down menu all shows up fine on the boxes but the information is not being sent to me on submission. I only get this in the email.

Arrive_Month :
Arrive_Day :
Arrive_Year :
Depart_Day :
Depart_Month :
Depart_Year :
Nights :
Cabin :
Dog :

Even though I filled in all the fields when testing the form, none of the combo boxes are sending their information. ItemName information is blank in the email submitted, only the Box 'Name' is coming in the email.

Hoping for help on this, as well as more help on Combo Boxes.What do I enter in the following 'Properties':
I have left these blank in the Properties section. Maybe that's why it is not working.

Registered User
2019-01-17 17:24:07

Are you using the the contact form tutorial from RocketCake? For me, it works with combo boxes perfectly. You probably made an error somewhere. Send your file to support, they can probably help you.

Registered User
2019-01-17 22:53:45

Thank you for replying. Yes, I modeled my form after the contact.php from the tutorial. I have a contact.php page that works perfectly. I will send file to support. I hoped to get an answer on the forum because there is not much information on the forum or in the tutorials regarding Combo Boxes.

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