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Music volume adjust
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2019-10-25 02:49:46

If your are like me and didn't find a way to adjust music volume versus sound effects then here is you answer:

Attach two 3D sound nodes to your player - name one 'music' and the other 'soundFx'

You can now dynamically change the volume of either the music or sound effects in game using javascript:

This is not even mentioned in the CopperCube list of available selections in game - yet still works:

var s = ccbGetSceneNodeFromName("music"); // a 3D sound node attached to Player as a 2D sound
var snd = "attack1"; // whatever the sound file name is you want to change to at any time
var sound = "sounds/"+snd+".ogg" // fixed location of sounds in game directly under CopperCube directory
ccbSetSceneNodeProperty(s, "SoundFileName", sound);
ccbSetSceneNodeProperty(s, "Volume",vol);

Registered User
2019-10-26 12:10:53

Very nice. Good code fragment to keep for CC.

Thank you.

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